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BVH Motion Creator

[Japanese Version]
BVH Motion Creator is Web App which can play,convert and Create BVH Motion File.
Based HTML5 & WebGL(Three.js) Technology

Install & Run

Chrome Web Store - Install to Chrome Browser
This is Web App,so you dont' need download.
(Currently only Chrome browser is supported。Firefox version is under developing.)

Main Functions

Play BVH motion files

you can Play・speed change・A/B loop
More details about BVH Motion Player(BVHモーションプレイヤーの詳細 Japanese)

Convert BVH motion files

You can merge multiple bvhs files or thin out of the frames.and more
More detail about BVH Motion tools(BVHモーションツールズの詳細 Japanese)

Creating Pose(Beta Version)

You can simple simple bvh motion on browser.
this app is based on IK-bones,so you can create a movement with the least amount of work

More details about BVH Pose Editor

Creating Model(Alpha Version)

Model Weight tools create a boned-character-model-data for BVH Pose Editor.
To creating it.you need three.js model which exported by Blender & base bvh motion file for bone.

More details about BVH Model Weight tool(BVH モデルウエイトツールの詳細)